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She lot me believe it was me
i was very jealous, because she went partying and send text messages to her new friend, a guy of course, we had talked about it before, she hated that i would think that way, so i trusted her, guessed just friends.. one day i called her, we planned to hang out, she was gone out in the cinema with him! i got mad, and to my regret i got jealous. i was hottempered, and days after my girlfriend broke up with me, for weeks i hated what i've done, begged for forgiveness, but no good. three weeks later i was told by others, that she has a new boyfriend, that same guy. and they have ben seen together for 3 weeks, and i know now she was unfaithful. ps. we really loved each other, one week before our breakup, she told me with tears in her eyes that she was so happy! and that we would stay together through good and bad. i guess not. now i must be the fool, because, she told me months ago, that she kissed her exboyfriend, i forgave her, trusted her again, but now i love but i dont trust her anymore.

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