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Really Bad Timing...
My boyfriend of nearly two years recently broke up with me after what was quite possibly the worst year of my life. Four pets, my grandfather, and most importantly my father all passed away in a relatively short period of time. His take on it is that I made him fall out of love with me with the way I obsessed about things being a particular way. The thing is though, that's just who I am. He knew right from the beginning that I was slightly OCD- it was sort of a joke in our group of friends. Slowly, I'm getting over it. I realize that he wasn't willing to make me a priority in his life [he actually said that to me!] and that I can realistically do much better. Why should I be with someone who doesn't want me and places the full blame of our breakup on me? A relationship is a two-way partnership, girls, so when your ex starts blaming you, just know that he's trying to give himself a reason why he shouldn't feel bad about ending the relationship. You're better off. Make new friends, try new things, just find your niche and start rebuilding your life. You truly can be happy without him, no matter how hard it seems now.

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