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we're all the same on the inside
before i met my boyfriend i wasn't a racist, but i didn't really agree with inter-racial relationships. i would never in a million years imagine myself going out with a boy who wasn't white! when i met my boyfriend who is mixed race (his mum is white and his dad is black) i really liked him from the start, but his race was always holding me back, in the end he really worked for me and i just fell head over heels for him. he is the most amazing person i have ever met and i love him so much. what i would say to anyone holding back from a relationship with someone who is a different race is - just go for it! meeting him has made me realise that its whats on the inside that counts, the stuff on the outside is just our shell - it doesnt express what person we are. had i not met him i would have spent the rest of my life being completely narrowminded. looking back i thank god everyday that i met him because he is the most beautiful person i have ever met. its doesn't matter what other people think or say, i am a better person since i've met him.

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