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Learn from my mistake; don't cheat at all.
I cheated. I swore it would never happened, but it did. My girlfriend found out, but I lied and managed to get away with it. Now I'm battling to decide whether to tell her or not and it is hell. I feel like such a piece of shit because i know i am one now. This girl did nothing to me and I have broken her heart already without her knowing it. I just don't know whether i can live without her knowing and keeping this secret. Everytime I kiss or touch her im going to feel like SUCH a shithead now, and I dont know how I can fix this without losing her. PLEASE learn from my mistake and DONT cheat. It's NOT worth it. If you want to cheat, sit on it for a while, then think if you could break up with your partner and how you would live without them... I strongly suggest you don't cheat. The feeling of regret is one of the worse feelings i have EVER had. I dont know what to do at all now, and all i could wish for more is that I didnt cheat.

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