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more women cheat than men
I live in Silicon Valley and have not a monogamous woman in years. A single woman who wants to cheat on her boyfriend can go to any 4 or 5 star hotel and pick up a man in 1 hour between 11:30 pm and 1:00 am. Its easy. Most of the lounges are 90% business and married men and all the woman has to do is ask for the most part. I have had woman tell me it is so easy its like picking fruit off a tree. If it is so easy for men to cheat then why are their escort services for men and very few for women. I had a rich lady friend who went to high end lounges and picked up two or three guys at a time for group sex and said it was easy as pie. a master degreed school teacher and hypnotherapist. She said if I approached three women these high end lounges and tried to do the same thing I would be 86 ed for ever and possibly arrested for soliciting. If i was a decent looking woman I could get laid every night of the week after about 2 months of networking. Rarely does a single woman hit on me. It is almost always women who are living with guy, have a boyfriend or married. I see the statistics in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area far above the national average. Most of my male friends feel powerless and castrated and unless you have great deal of money, status and prestige in my area you take what you can get. The woman know beggers can't be choosey. Since I stopped cheating on women in 1981 I have yet to date a woman that did not cheat on me. Its very dissapointing. If I want to get laid in the next week I have to hire it. I she wants to get laid in the next week she just has to let it be known and she gets paid in dinners and nights out for the deal. Women cheat like crazy and men can even hold a candle to them when it comes to getting laid. I think your stats are not correct. I have never met a good looking woman that could not get laid on business trip in a hotel if she wanted too. I have been on many biz trips and have never been laid on one. Please re calculate your stats. American women over 45 screw who they want when they want wether they are married or not.

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