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Itīs OK, Just Not Perfect
Sometimes the breakup question comes down to asking yourself, is this person THE person? If Iīm going to spend all this time with my partner, is my partner really the exactly perfect one, or should I wait? This is a tough question. On one hand, you shouldnīt stay with someone you feel 'isnīt really good enough, but will do for now.' Even if you try to hide it, your partner will sense this half-heartedness. Somewhere out there is someone who *does* feel your partner is just perfect, and your partner deserves the chance to be with someone who feels that way. On the other hand, if youīre constantly ditching partners because each one is flawed, you might miss out on a lot of great relationships because you are unwilling to compromise. Not only is no human perfect, but also, no human is stagnant. Every person changes over time. Your perfect person last year is probably not your perfect person 4 years from now, and so on. You will always need to grow and learn and change with your partner. If youīre not able to do that with your current ones, you probably wonīt be able to do that even if your perfect-for-right-now partner comes along.

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