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The First Kiss
There are many things that friends do, that lovers also do. Friends and lovers both go to movies together, they both mountain bike together, they both have fun dinners together. They even often hug each other goodbye. While your relationship may slide towards lover without *too* much stress, that first kiss is usually the ´scary´ part where you cross the line from one side to the other. How do you work it? Both of you will be nervous, so you want to make the kiss as gentle as possible. Get to the point where you hug each other goodbye anyway, so the thought of ´contact´ isn´t a scary one. Now, as part of the hug, give your friend a gentle kiss on the cheek. This can almost be thought of as a friendly kiss, so if your friend isn´t really ready for the transition, no harm is done. However, if your friend *is* ready to take the step, now they can kiss you back, or turn their head to take the kiss on their lips, or so on. The ´door is open´ and your friend now knows that they can respond if they want!

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