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Become Bored with It
You can become bored with just about anything. No matter how much you love shrimp scampi, if you ate it every single day, 3 meals a day, your mind would start to block out the flavors. The same is true for jealousy. Part of what makes jealousy so powerful is that the thought is always there, but you usually refuse to face it head-on. Instead it lingers at the edges, poking at you constantly. You can remove its power to hurt you. Using other techniques in this area, figure out what is the key trigger for you. Determine what about the situation really upsets you. Now, find a cheap cassette tape and describe the situation verbally. Start playing the tape, and playing it, and playing it, over many days. The first few times it will be painful to listen - to fully acknowledge what went on. Then your mind will start to say, 'Yeah, yeah, IŽve heard this already ...' and after a while you will be sick and tired of hearing it. 'Enough already! So what!' When you reach that point, youŽll be able to deal with the jealousy much more easily.

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