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The Dutch Cow
I love this name :) In Holland they put bells around the necks of cows, so the farmer always knows where they are. This same technique can be applied to jealousy. Often if someone is too jealous, he/she will worry whenever the partner is out of sight that the partner is doing something wrong. The jealousy builds and builds over time. A way to try to cure this is to prove the innocent partner is NOT out galavanting. Have the partner call the jealous person once an hour, every hour. This means the partner must *always* know where the jealous person is, to make the call. Also, the jealous person is going to be interrupted constantly, no matter what the person is doing, to get these phone calls. After a few weeks the jealous person will get worn down by the calls and realize that the partner is indeed out somewhere, doing something real, and the ´lifeline´ shouldn´t be necessary any more. You´re in essence desensitizing the jealous person to the fear of the partner being ´loose´. The jealous person will think, 'He´s doing something wrong! Oh, I guess not. He´s doing something wrong! Oh, maybe not ... He´s doing something wrong? Nope ... He´s calling me AGAIN?'

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