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My Partnerīs Opposite-Sex Friends
Letīs say youīre female. It might be difficult for you to accept that your boyfriend has other female friends, and spends time with them. After all, he already has you. Why would he need other females in his life? Normally people have this sort of fear because they are afraid that another īpotential partnerī will lure the mate away from the relationship. Your relationship should be strong enough that you donīt have to live in a mountaintop retreat for it to survive! Having friends of both sexes, and all ages, and all races, creeds, colors, etc, is important in life. If you were blind, wouldnīt it be helpful for your mate to talk to other blind people, to get a more rounded understanding of the situation? The same is true for genders. Men who have female friends tend to understand some of the cultural burdens (or benefits, depending on how you look at it) that women work under. Those men are then often better able to work in a relationship, because they have more īknowledgeī with which to understand the situation. If you are unsure about your relationship and think that your mate having an opposite-sex friend is a threat to it, itīs time to sit down with your mate and discuss ways to build up the trust and stability of the relationship. Trying to keep each other in isolation isnīt a long term solution.

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