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Make Him Want You Back - Even If You Really Don't Want Him!
I was with my ex for 5 years and absolutly adored the ground he walked on. When we split up I felt like I couldn't go on. I found an online ebook that changed my life truely and here is basically all it learnt me. First DO NOT contact him for a full 30 days!!! This is a killer but if you can do this the battle is over. I swear if you have lasted this long it will be driving him potty wondering why you arn't begging him for another chance. His mind will be on overtime. Secondly, Work out for the full 30 days. Even if its just a good vigerous half hour clean up. This will get you more toned and looking good. Also if you really want him try a little dieting, weight loss is great for self esteem. Book yourself in for some treatments at your local salon and really look your best, just incase you bump into him. And if you do see him, be NICE not too nice, just friendly and maybe ask how he is do not get into any deep conversation with him unless he is trying to. Then just be polite. After the 30 days you can call him but make sure it is short sweet and sound caring you can even ask him out but do not sound desperate, sound like you are wanting to catch up. If you take it this far he is yours. A big step is if you do meet. GO HOME EARLY what?? I hear you say! If you go early itn is unfinished business and he is not going to be able to wait to see you, trust me. You'llhave him begging you to take him back. I followed all this and guess what, when he was all over me I thought, I don't want this Im too strong for you now. I won and he is trying to get me back now RESULT!!!!! Gooed luck girls. It hard but you can do it I did!!!!!

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