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your love doesn't go away it just stops growing
when my ex broke up with me i was lyk dead on the inside. all i ever did was tlk bout him to all my friends and to all his freinds. i always asked the question 'do u think me and him will get back together' well everyone said yea.its been almost 2 months since our break up and i still always tlk bout him and think bout him to the point where i was loosin some of my friends cuz they got tired of me only tlkin bout him. but the thing is he loved me and i loved him and he loved me. but then a month after we broke up he was with another girl. here bout a week ago he began tlkin to me on msn,but all he tlked about was his new girlfriend. HE WAS TRYIN TO MAKE ME JEALOUS!!!!and if u dont have feelings for someone still u dont try to make them jealous unless they did somethin to u and its payback, but i didnt do ne thing to him so therefore i kno he still cares bout me cuz everytime i see him he is lookin at me. so girls dont give up hope b\c ur love doesnt just go away it just stops growing so no matter how much they act lyk they dont care if he ever loved you he will still care.he'll will wind up comin back! my guy hasnt yet but he'll be back u jus wait and see!

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