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What to do and what not to do
Yes I know how you feel, nothin seems right without him, you're convinced he's the one for you, and you can't even think about datin another guy. Alls you keep imaginin is that he'l ask you back out again, and bein optimistic about it is the only thing that stops you from cryin. I know, I'm goin through the same thing. I want him back, more than anythin, and I'm DOIN SOMETHIN ABOUT IT. I've given myself a week to plan this, and get used to the situation. Now, instead of just wallowin around bein miserable i'm goin to focus on gettin him back. I do my makeup and hair the best I can every time I see him. I put on clothes that he likes on me, and bought some new gorgeous clothes as well. When I see him I give him a big smile and a 'hey!', to show him I've noticed, but that I don't break down everytime I see him. I laugh around him a joke around with my mates, talk to other guys, and make myself happy. I am focusing on the things that attracted him to me in the first place. My intelligence, my personality, my humour. I'm showin all of this off to my best ability, subtly of course, without doin it directly to his face, just enough so others can see these qualities in me as well as himself. I think this is the best way to go about winnin him back, try and pretend like you never went out, and you are tryin to win him for the first time. Start over, be yourself, be subtle, and be happy!

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