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Your attitude COUNTS!
You've just gotta be nice to them. It is scientifically proven (and also proven in my grade) that guys want girls who are nice to them. Be kind to them and smile when they're happy. You should know yourself very well by the point you are checking out this website, so you should know exactly what your face looks like when you move your mouth in a certain way or direction, so you know what your crush sees. If you don't believe being kind is what guys want, check out the facts for what girls like: a boy with a sense of humor! How many of you don't like that? ((I personally said kindness, but this overrules and is scientifically proven.)) Listen to his problems and confort him. You should love him for who he is and who you are. Not the person you're pretending to be. If you're way too open....that's not going to work, but if you be yourself it will work! Think about it: would you want to go on dates or spend the rest of your life with someone who thinks you're someone else and then you have to always act like that other person you've been pretending to be? No. Be yourself and listen and be kind.

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