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The Flame
There is this flame that will not die This flame continues to everyone lie To everyone I tell my feelings are no more Each time they multiply by four The flame continues to grow For how long, I do not know All the tears that I have cried And all the thoughts that were lies Telling myself the flame has burnt out Who dropped the water from the spout But deep inside I knew the truth Only I could tell you the truth When I rekindled the flame For me ,atleast, it wasn't the same Now for me there is no care I do not even share The thoughts that pass through my head All these thoughts I once fed Telling myself the flame was now all burnt out And that I was the one who let the drop fall from the spout It was my fault, not yours, or hers Unless you can relate to my words The dream that was once you and me This dream is now only a fish in the sea Will never come true Like dreams ever do So once again I tell you the flame is not yet burnt out But when it will be, I will be the one to let the drop fall from the spout Seeing as I am the only one who can blow it out!

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