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Keep Apologizing
To a person capable of lying, just saying 'I'm sorry' may seem like enough. They don't realize how serious a lie is, how it undermines the entire foundation of trust that runs through a relationship. Lying to your partner is the most serious way in which to hurt and destroy a relationship, and it can easily harm your partner so much that he/she cannot trust someone for years afterwards. So saying 'I'm sorry' just once may not be enough. You already lied - you already showed your inability to be believed - so why should your partner believe you now? You have to show that you are COMMITTED to a change. Keep apologizing. Keep showing your commitment to a new way of thinking. Keep showing in every way possible that you are on a new course, that you understand fully the damage you caused, that you are making a 100% commitment to being fully open and honest going forward. This is not something that just 'fixes itself' in a day or two. It will require long, diligent effort on your part - but the relationship is well worth that effort.

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