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Avoid Game Playing
If you watch movies and TV shows, people who want their ex back go through all sorts of really stupid games and mental tricks to grab their exs back. This is a REALLY bad idea. Probably one of the reasons you guys broke up in the first place involved a communication breakdown. People who are talking, who are open and honest and who are sharing with each other constantly don't tend to break up. People who break up tend to have had a serious problem sharing honest and trust with each other. So don't make it worse by being even more DIShonest now!! If anything, you must be BRUTALLY honest if you want things to work out. Sit down with your ex and really talk about what happened. HONESTLY. Don't sugar coat things. If you are going to really get things to work, you have to look at your lives in REALITY, and really discuss them, and talk about ways to make this work. If there is any time in your life for being completely open and honest, this is it.

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