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FOR GUYS!!! from a girl
tons of tips to make it passionate, turn her on, show your into her, make it fun and comfortable ready? 1. kiss her stomach!!! 2. kiss her neck 3. breathe hard and moan time from time to show you love it! and grind on eachothers body! and breathe into eaachothers mouths when your getting tired 4. when you kiss her hold her neck, touch her face 5. SMILE!!! look her in the eyes. giggle at points 6. to make it fun blow in her mouth and laugh evil (ahaha so cute) 7. play your favorite kind of music and when your kissing sing the lyrics from time time to time and smile. and when your kissing move your body like your dancing (SO CUUUTE!) 8. when it,s gettin steamy ') sit and make her sit on you, put her legs around your body. grind on eachothers bodies and breathe hard to show you enjoy it 9. ask to cuddle and don,t kiss her for a while AND when your guys faces are really close, kiss her cheek 10. start at her forehead keep moving lower, kiss every part of her face while going down give her 5 nose kisses kiss above her lips then kiss her lips then her chin, then her hole nech right under her ear, keep going down kiss her chest and THEN (OH MY GOD SO HOT!) kiss her stomach and pull her pants down a little and kiss her lower stomach, drag your tounge across it!!!!!!! 10. when your kissing pick her up and wrap her legs across your body and lay her on the bed 11. SPOON! 12. when you make love still kiss her and smile and laugh a little bit. make it cuteeeee don,t forget to make it passionate. the girl will fall for your kisses. SERIOUSLYYYY all this works. i,m a girl and my guy does this and i,m sprung and we have the most passionate chemistry alive!

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