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Accepting your Partner
Do you accept your partner the way he or she is now? No, really accept him or her? Many people have subtle ideas lurking in their head about ´if only he dressed differently´ or ´if only she stopped flirting with other guys.´ People think ´Oh, he´ll be home more when we get married´ or ´she will be so different when she has a baby at home.´ People simply don´t tend to change like that. It´s far more likely that what you have now is about what you´ll have in 3 weeks, or 3 months, or 3 years. Sit down and take a good look. Is this something you are happy with? Can you accept this person, with all of the good and bad parts? Nobody can live up to a fantasy image forever, and your dreams of changing your partner into your perfect soulmate will probably not materialize. You need to decide if you can let go of those ideals and build a relationship with your real partner, the way he or she really is.

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