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tips for the guys with your girlfriend.
1. girls love it when guys put there arms around her waiste, or simply place ther hands on there waiste. 2. girls love it when you smile at them. 3. girls like guys who dont push them into doing something they arent confortable in doing. 4.we love it when you call us 'beautiful' or 'gorgeous' much rather then being called 'hot'. 5. we wont be mean unless you give us a reason to be! 6. we love little nicknames. 7. dont be afraid to make the move! girls hate making the first move! 8. while you guys are walking side-by-side grab her hand, pull her in toward you, and whisper that she,s beautiful. 9. we HATE it when you mention somethings about our weight. 10. when its just you and her, hold her. dont let go. kiss her gently, and if she pulls away, smile and wrap your arms around her waiste. 11. getting cute text messages every once in a while never fails to make a girl smile. 12. when a girl insults herself, she just wants you to tell her something possitive about herself. 13. never ! lead a girl on. 14. girls tend to think about their boyfriend more then you think. most of the time, your the only one she thinks about. 15. when she,s around you, and her face blushes, you can tell she is into you. 16. if she doesnt stop talking, its mostly because she is nervous. later on in the relationship, the chattering will calm down. hope this helped (:

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