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Lesbian Love
Two years..... one years filled with love second year filled with pain,lies,cheating,and ignorance at it,s own risk. We met summer time of 2008,....we became offical July 23,2008 and it was beautiful! Everynight was us two on the phone...I woke up to her...she was a beautiful person inside and out. She was my food and i was her water..we needed each other. Up until 2 weeks after she cheated. With her ex-girlfriend whom she was previously with. I was hurt and I even cried but it was so soon so I gave her another chance. After that she became even better. She was sorry and it showed.(even with our 2hr of a distance from one another. 2009 came and everything was still wonderful. All i did was smile in laugh....laugh in smile. Then the summer time after a weekend stay with her something wasn,t normal. I blame her...she blames me. Didn,t think she was taking to somebody else at the time but she was. Then I met someone else. She did everything my girlfriend use to do. AND we had sexual intercourse without even thinking first. One week later my girl friend found out. She didn,t believe me but it was just physically...we were not emotionally attached which I found better because it would be easier to let her go. My girlfriend never left me. She cried and I was so upset because I broke her heart. I cut off all communication with (my friend) because I was in love with my girlfriend. Then we worked on us after was (ok)....I went to visit her this one day and she had what appeared to be scratched in a hickey on her neck. She claims her friend (NT) was playing around and did it. I never questioned after that because i know she was dealing with someone else...I refuse to believe it. December of 2 days after my birthday I seen that she had written on (NT) myspace wall saying ,i love you so much and i wish we was together, which she wrote on my birthday the same time I was with her. =( ....

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