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Dont Bother,iitz Not Worth iit
ii,ve Been With My Boyfriend Fo a Year and nearly 7 months. i,m glad i left my ex and found my true love, but i think about my ex on and of, he somehow got my number and rang me, we met up and hugged and somehow all of a sudden we kissed! trust me iit felt as though someone stabbed me in the heart after my boyfriend was talkin to me on the fone about him getting scared if i would ever cheat on him, ii actually cried over the fone to him withour him knowing. ii can,t tell him this because it,s a risk i can,t take, then again it,s something i,m goin to have to caryy with me for the rest of my life this is a tip for every guy and girl, dont think bout ever cheating on the one you love, no matter how hard your relationship is because whatever,s worth having doesn,t come easy so dont think about cheating. if you do think about cheatin leave that one before you even go there.

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