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Arrangements' Watching a scary movie around his or her house. in their bedroom. Try and have someone in the house at the time, makes it more interesting. First of all start by laying next to each other on the bed. When it comes to a scary part of the film pull closer to the other, so that the girls head on the chest of the lad, with her hand gripping to his side.. showing when it is making her jump. When she grips tighter to your side pull your arm around her and make her feel secure. Once the film has got to be too much for her, she may look at you as if saying ,why are you putting me through this?, Then you must either move down to her level or pull her to your level and gently kiss her on the lips, if she wants more she will make sure she gets more. Up to you if you let this happen or not. At the end of your meeting/date and you are saying your goodbyes, but your hands on her axx and pull her close to you. Don,t do this too gently, make sure your so close to each other all that is left to do is kiss. If you want to make the moment a bit more intense slowly slide your hands down the back of her trousers. Not too far, and keep it to the cheeks! ENJOY!

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