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Amazing , Sensual Kiss & Tease :)!!
I love doing this and my boyfriend enjoys it as much as I do! So, before you start kissing, look into each others eyes and smile :) then lean in for soft and slow barely there kisses, then start going into a french kiss by licking their upper and lower lip by tracing your tongue around once or twice, if they enjoyed it which they will, try putting your tongue into your boyfriend,s mouth just the tip, but if you,re comfortable with it put it almost half way in... and begin playing around with your tongues then start sucking your guy,s tongue while open-mouth kissing it will TURN HIM on like CRAZY, he might make an 'mmmm' sound which will indicate he,s enjoying it with you. Next, take turns licking and sucking each other,s tongues to intensify the making out and make it even hotter since you,ve already started off slowly, at this point both you and your boyfriend will be really hot and wanting more :) Simple kissing tips making it the best.. The best kissing is passionate, wet, slow, then becomes more agressive ( in a good way meaning faster kissing)... the most important thing is to feel a connection with your boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure to always use your hands never leave them laying there, always have them carressing gently the neck, jawline, lower back, behind, thighs, which ever way you or your partner feel comfortable with the outcome is that it intensifies the kiss making it feel extra sexy and seductive :). relax and stay calm, feel comfortable and actually have a thing for each other, such as being in love. Good luck :)!

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