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Excuse me but : 80% of what's written here is false.
Hello world, i really have to say 'Stop'. ,cause i read a lot of wrong articles… - Girls don’t like guys who are too needy: so don’t be. - Never under-estimate your-self. If she/he’s not interested in you then it’s his/her loss, not yours. - If you are giving a compliment (make it precious), switch subject very fast, you don’t need any approval to what you’re saying. - Girls usually take the payment for dinner or drinks for granted… Never pay everything to a girl unless she gave you something or being nice to you. Don’t be stingy! But if you won’t do it for a friend, don’t do it for her. You don’t want her to feel you are buying her and if she thinks you are rude: Run. - Girls don’t want to be seen as sluts. So they usually refuse to have a kiss or more just because of the fear of being called slut after that. So be discreet with your girls. Real men don’t need to talk about what happened last night. I always thought that a couple is three persons: Me You and Us. If one of these persons is over/under represented in the couple then the couple is dead. There is no balance. Live your life and take time for your couple for your “us”. But Do not devote your life to “us” or worst to “his/her”. You will end up broke. Always decide, and try to make the girl enter your reality, don’t try to enter hers. Sorry for my bad English… I’m French and French girls are known as the most complicated women in the world (except when they are aboard…because they don’t feel the insecurity of being called sluts…^^) See you later. i will post again soon.

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