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Call Within 2 Days
A lot of times when people go on dates they wait a few days before making a follow up call, because they donīt want to seem too 'eager'. If someone called you every 5 minutes to ask how you were doing, you might think he (or she) didnīt have a life and was desperate, and that isnīt a positive image to be giving out. On the other hand, waiting just 'because' if you really enjoyed yourself is really silly. Why torment the other person for days and days? If you had fun, call and say thank you. You donīt have to say 'Letīs date again on XXX day,' just say you had fun and youīll stay in touch. If you didnīt enjoy yourself, call anyway, say thanks for the evening. Leave it at that. Itīs ALWAYS better to be honest than to lead someone on for weeks and weeks. Call within 2 days to let the other person know what to expect.

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