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Your Partner's Appearance Changes
We all go through stages in our life. We grow our hair long. We chop it off. We wear all black. We wear pastels. We try out heavy workboots. We wear fashion shoes. There's all sorts of reasons we decide to try something new and to give our life a bit of a shake. It's a normal part of having fun with our world. But sometimes a change indicates that your partner is changing for *someone else*. It of course is NEVER a good idea to change for someone else! True connections involve two people who accept each other completely for what they are, just the way they are now. But if your partner now feels they 'must change' to please another person, it's obviously a warning sign. Try to get a sense for WHY your partner is making these changes. Is it really a change THEY want, or does it seem to be a change they are making because someone ELSE thinks it's a good idea? Is it because 'XXXX' likes them this way?

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