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Girls!! When watching scary film with bf!
So me and Bf were home alone, so he suggested we watch a scary film, probably because it makes me cuddle him and he feels protective.So the film wasnt that scary but i still wanted to kiss him, so i paused the film, and when he looked over at me i flashed him a sexy smile and when he patted his lap for me to sit closer to him i shook my head and giggled and played the film. He spent about ten minutes just watching me playing with my hair and pulling at my shirt and i knew he really wanted to make out, but i refused to look at him or acknowledge him, knowing if i did he would start kissing me and that would ruin my fun. Then later on, on an exciting part of the film i paused it again, and when he looked over at me i lay back on the sofa and waved the remote in my hand, twirling my hair, signalling for him to come and get it. He jumped up and started playfighting me for the remote, he had me pinned and took the remote, but before he got up he kissed me hard, i didnt let him kiss me properly, pecking him on the cheek. It drove him wild that i had made him want me, only to be rejected. He continued to keep kissing me untill i kissed him back..and well...we never finished the film. xD

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