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Take It From A Girl
Yah, I'm a girl.I just read that to see how many stupid tips I could find and see how many guys have tryed on me.Forget everything you just read and do these things in stead. 1.DO NOT act like a player, the biggest turn off. 2.Don't be conceeded, act like you love her more then you love you. 3.Don't be perverted.I can't tell you how many guys have grabbed me it's sooooo annoying.Unless you two are going out then just keep your hands off.It shows that you don't just like her cuz of her looks. 4.Be yourself, don't try to change.Cuz she'll see right through it. 5.Make her feel specail. 6.Be honest and upfront.If you like her then tell her, don't waste time.Just ask her out. 7.Don't be shy, just get into her conversation and show her who you really are. 8.Don't think that playing hard to get will work, cuz she will move on...most likely to your friends.I know I would. 9.Don't concentrate on her friends in the group more then her.She'll be mad and jealous if she likes you, and you could ruin her friendship. 10.Don't be a stocker!I can't even remember the exact number of how many guys have followed me around.Talk to her yes,hang out yes...when she knows about it and wants to.Other then that, just leave her the hell alone.

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