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Surround Yourself with Support
If this is a hard tip to implement, take heart that it can take some adults YEARS to figure this one out. If someone in your life is actively putting you down or being non-supportive, then you need to distance yourself from them. It could be a family member or a supposed friend. Life is not fair, and you need to accept that. Some parents just aren't very good parents. Some friends are really out to use you and don't treat you as a friend at all. If you are 'stuck' in a situation (i.e. a minor still living at home) then you can't physically leave yet. Find ways to distance yourself emotionally - get a mentor or two, join away-from-home clubs to give you more time in a supportive area. If you are NOT 'stuck' in a situation - for example having an emotionally abusive friend - then draw the line. I realize it can be hard. You figure an awful friend is better than no friend. But believe me - you are MUCH better off building up your self esteem and then finding new friends who actually care about you.

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