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Needing Space because Love Faded
One reason people might say they need space is because the love has faded away. However, the issue can't ever be fixed if you are going to lie about the problem! Also, if the problem is that you no longer really care about the other person - and you put space between you two - the problem isn't going to go away. It will just get worse. If you want to work on the problem, it certainly can be worked on. There are entire groups of tips on this site on how to handle love that is fading. If you do NOT want to work on the problem, then don't claim a silly thing like you need space! Just admit that you don't feel the same way any more, and break up. Your partner deserves to be able to move on and find someone new - not to have to lurk around as a safety net, being there in case you change your mind.

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