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Kissing at School/Work
If at school or work you want to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend, here's how to do it. Sit next to them at a desk where no one can see under the desk (back of the room or wall behind the desk works best). Start off holding hands if you are comfortable, and then 'drop' a pencil under the desk. If your boyfriend/girlfriend offers to get it for you DON'T LET THEM GET IT. Get out of your chair and keep their hand while you go under the table to get your pencil. Kiss their hand quietly and gently, but don't make it obvious to others that you are under a desk kissing their hand. Get the pencil and go back to your seat. Most hearts experience fireworks during this-I know mine did. Hint: Whatever you do, don't take to much time. It doesn't need to be long, and if it is too long, others will start to get suspiscious.

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