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It is hard to stay strong, specially if you wher in a long term relationship. I was with my X for 6yrs I have been appart from her for a month know and guys as you well know it is hard. Well you see I decided to break it off becouse I could not take her lies and games and her selfish behavior any more. it is very sad when some one looses your trust but it dose happen.I love her and that for now is true. And yes I'm going through alot of pain, but I know that it will pass. yesterday I saw her in a bar/club that i hang out at and guys let me tell you when i saw her my stomach turned my toes curled, but I kept cool she looked at me and I turned around and walked the other way. I knew that she wanted me to bump in to her but after all the thing she done to me I don't think it would be healthy for me or her to go back. Some nights I want to call her, I want to make love to her but i stay strong. I think of why I made such a hard decition and it was becouse she was not making me happy I was loosing my personality I was loosing the person that should always be number one, MY SELF. You see I loved her so much that I only thought of her and she just took advantage of that. Every relationship is different, but if you did your best and your contiounce is clean,and that person dose not apriciate that, than STAY STRONG!!!! becouse there are good people out there who will apriciate the person you are.I'm not ready for a relationship right know but I know that I made the right choice.And if you truely think about it why wait for some one else to make you happy when happy is all around you.

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