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the big no no
my boyfriend split up with me 3 weeks ago and we r still mates... the thing is we texted each other everyday since the split and now 3 weeks later hes not speakin to me... for the simple reason i thought things were lookin gud bout gettin back 2gether but i was wrong he was just bein friendly.... this last week ive been textin him and now hes fed up and not botherin with me .... its my fault im bein clingy .. buts its cuz i love him and nothing will ever change that.... its a pity he loves his x more....or so he thinks... he sed he love to keep goin with me but he thinks i deserved to be loved in a way that he cant love me. i m not sure wat to do nemore .. ive tried to be strong but the connection we have is unbelievable and he sed it himself.... and now hes actin like it never happened. i mean how cud he after everythin he sed.. i want him back and will do anythin and if that means lettin him go then thats what im prepared to do for love. thats my point girls dont make the mistake i did. dont run after him wen its over - if u want him back be strong and let him cum back to you.... i was clingy and look were is got me... it mite not seem like it but im great believer in fate and love will find a way.... if its not ok in the end then its not the end...

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