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I broke up with this guy 2 years ago, his name is Bryan, I broke up with him to get back with my ex(who I had been with for almost 3 years) Biggest Mistake of my life!!!! I had only been with him for a little longer than 2 weeks, but after I broke up with him, I realized I was in love with him. My ex ended up moving to Spokane and cheated on me (which he still denies to this day) but I broke up with him and I tried for so long to get back in touch with Bryan and about 3 months ago, I finally got ahold of him, we have been emailing eachother and talking on the phone every since, the only problem is, he has a girlfriend, but I hope we will get back together someday (hopefully soon!) I am NEVER giving up, and I told him that and he said only time will tell. We aren't back together yet, but I am going to keep going until I get him back and I mean that. My tip is to NEVER give up, if you really wan't something, and if you don't give up, sooner or later, you will get it.

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