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Cup Her Face
Guys: girls love it when you cup our faces while kissing, it gives us a feeling of adoration and intimacy. If you guys are comfortable with each other, a good way to turn us on is to (yes you guessed it) push us against a wall. But if you,re making out on a couch or something: Face her on the couch, start out with both hands on her neck. Then slowly, using one hand, go down her arm to her waist (you can stop there for a min if you like) to her thigh then stop at her knee and hook her leg around your waist. This is a major turn on! Girls: from what my guy tells me, ears and neck are major turn on spots for guys, they like it when you such and kiss those parts. While kissing though, my guy tells me he loves how into it I am, they like it when they can feel in your kiss how much you want them. Its not something you can really describe, just think about how much you want to show you love him. Another turn on for him, is to lay him down on the couch and straddle him, then kiss him passionately.

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