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Kissing on the Dancefloor
Tips for kissing randoms: 1. Carry breath spray. Mints and chewy take too long. 2. Carry lip balm. It keeps your lips soft and seductive. I pop mine into my bra for easy access at any time. 3. When you spot someone you think you,d like to kiss, it needs to begin with eye contact. Smile at them. If they smile back, move in to dance with them. Nine times out of ten, if a guy wants to dance with you, he wants to kiss you. 4. After dancing for a bit, don,t be afraid to initiate the kiss. Sometimes I lean in to say something like, 'I love this song!' and if they don,t recoil from you being so close to their face, you could then ask, 'Can I kiss you?' 5. Dancefloor kissing is a great way to experiment, so go for it. I find that tracing his lips slowly with my tongue and then lightly nibbling the lower lip always gets a positive response. 6. If he/she,s a bad kisser, say, 'Thank you for the lovely kiss. I,m going to dance with my friends for a bit!' Follow it up with a kiss on the cheek and a cheeky smile. You should always be kind!

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