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Pull Her Close
When french kissing, guys give a little nibble or suck to your girls top lip if you're much taller than her. Girls, give a little nibble and suck to your mans bottom lip. This usually gets my man hot, and ready for more. But guys, when you're standing up and kissing your girl and you're much taller than her, put your hands around her head, then gently move your hands lower, towards the lowest part of the back before her butt. Leave your hands there for a little while, and dont be afraid to be a little forceful, pulling your girl closer to you, leaving your bodies touching. Once you have pulled her tight to your body as she likes and finds pleasure from, move your hands to her butt, and rub and squeeze both firmly and gently. Guys, this ALWAYS gets me going, so im sure it will work for your girl ! ENJOYYY (:

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