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Be Bold About It
Being bold is cute to guys and girls. Look in their eyes. Bite your lip slightly when you are talking to them. That draws attention to your lips, and then glance away from their eyes and look at their lips. Look back into their eyes and take a step forward. Then another step. Watch their body language, if they step back then dont kiss them, they arent ready. If they step closer, then yes, they want to kiss you back. Say some sweet or just be bold and lean your head in. Dont go all the way because that might be too much for them. Go about 70% of the way. Wait and they should lean in and kiss you. But girls love when guys are bold about kissing, shows that you are confident. Dont go to far with the first kiss. Its a delicate thing. But do touch them. Guys, hold her waist. Girls, place your hands on their lower back or on their shoulders Al these tips have worked great for me and my friends! Have fun :)

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