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I,ve read all the tips because I,ve cheated on my husband long time ago, why I did? I don,t even know? I don,t have a reason, either an excuse, and I,m right here crying thinking that the only think I want to do right now is die. Maybe we, women, like to much to be looked, to be admired, a nice complement, I think that,s how everything started. He, I mean my husband, is the best person any of you can meet, he is a good man, and here I am, losing the father of my daughter. He has giving me what I love the most. I don,t want to tell him, I think is not fair to pass on him the responsibility to forget and forgive what I,ve done, something dies inside of me everyday, that,s the price I,ll pay. I could not see him crying because what I,ve done. I,ve cause too much pain already. Honestly, I wish I could go back, and be again 'free', I cannot sleep either eat, all that I can say to you it that it is not worth it, it is not. If you do it you will find yourself asking for another chance, as I,m doing. It,s the worse feeling I,ve never felt in my life and the worse of all, I want to feel bad, cause I need to find the way to forgive myself... maybe if I feel bad some how someone will tell me that is time to move on and that I,ve paid already for what I,ve done, and then I can be happy again. I do love him, very very much, but sometimes we just realise it when it,s too late, hopefully I don,t lose him, and hopefully I don,t lose my mind... this is getting me crazy. Oh God!! Does someone has a clinex, cannot stop crying, this is eating me inside!!

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