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sexy/sweet ways 2 let sum1 know u like them...
Wen u randomly see sum1 that u like and u know they kinda like u 2, -but u dont just wanna tell them that u like them, you cud just say these things wen u see them:: . alrite treacle (in a flirty voice) . alright guwjass (in a flirty voice) ............. .or just keep on glancing at them, But not 2 much-(just incase they dont relli like u) .(If they drive past u in the car-- wave at him, then they will fink: ,well i dont relli know her and she dont relli know me, but she obviously likes me Cus she just waved at me,. ........ or if u wanna get 2 know them - then just walk around nearer 2 their house or where they usually are at, cus then u,ll see them more often and wotnot. ...... I usually walk past this bloke and he never used 2 smile at me or notice me much - but that was cus i never bothered to smile at him, Then 1 day i smiled at him like i fort he was relli fit or sumfink -and he then smiled at me, And ever since i smiled at him He always says hello.. and wen i turn around 2 look at him He will usually turn around an be lookin at me. ...So basically make alot of eyecontact and cheeky.flirty smiles, and winks, and saying cheeky sexy flirty fings Will make them interested, If they seem uninterested then well they obvoiusly are uninterested or just relli relli shy. Or u cud be a dare devil and say: 'you turn me on', or 'Alrite sexy?', - But only say those fings if he is quite a horny person themselves. Fanks 4 reading. x :D

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