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Okay so when you,re kissing don,t freak out. It should come naturally. Kiss them with your mouth slightly open Then after kissing for a few seconds open your mouth a little more to tell your boy/girlfriend what you want. They,ll either do the same or they won,t. If they don,t obviously you don,t want to shove your tongue in their mouth. But if they do slowly push your tongue into their mouth. From there you just go with it. (Just make sure you keep moving. Don,t let your tongue just sit there) So if you,re making out a big question is Where to put your hands? If you,re a girl guys love it when your hands are in their hair. Or on their back. Also try the back of their neck. If you,re a guy girls love it when you put your hands on our hips/waist. Don,t go straight to the butt!! It,s supposed to be passionate and loving. It,s not about feeling the other person up. Try pulling her hair Gently. Or holding her face. And you can also try putting your hands up the back of her shirt and running your fingers across her bare back.

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