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Don't compare
My ex and i were together our sophomore year of high school he,s a good football player but we went to different high schools. I am older than him by a few months and although i could drive before him he got a car on his bday and i didnt...he lived close at first so it was easy to see eachother when we wanted. His mom was the ex and i were young but we had so much fun together we learned together and how we grew from the one year that we were together was our only reward. His mom later moved closer to his school which was still only about a half an hour away but i couldnt always drive so it took a toll on him always having to come here..his bestfriend and i were cool in middle school but it seemed like he was always trying to break us up and block...we broke rite around our one year cause he liked someone else i cried and cried and he was very mean about the situation but his one friend we should work it out so we tried for awhile but he jst broke up with me again. He started going with the other girl 2 weeks later and now its been like a year and his mom and cousin still say im there in law..we have conversations sometimes and there nice we are going to college next year and his is close to mine..he told his friend that i was going to his school and about him coming to our campus to party with.. I love him so much and i cant let him go..every guy i have talked to since then does not compare to him so it doesnt last..but now we are both in relationships and my friend said i should get back on with him but idk what to do.

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