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if it realy ment to be!
I have been with this guy for over a year and six months he is the tipe a guy that most girls would ever i dont think im all that compare to him. we have gone trew some tough time like in any relation ship.and he has been understanding the whole way trew .and trust me i wasnt the best girlfriend ever.i sheated on him from the start he forgave me. the day he broke up with me was the day i realize that i loved him i couldn't sleep or stop thinking of him.well we got back together and even then i would do things to piss him of not on purpose of course but we always got back with each other. it seem like a game some time,but when you love some one so much no matter what they do or you do they always seem to come back and tried to work things out. if he or she loves you or cares about you that much you won't have to worried about beging him or trick him or even ack like his your friend just so he could come back cus his heart belongs to you.some times they don't call because they are stubern or dont want to beg you back because of pride.but dont give up.i guess all i can say is keep in touch. they will get happy eventually or some times ack like nothing happen.also let him know how you feel because he is not sidekick.

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