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Reality Check
Even if you are the fattest, ugliest, oldest, man in the world there is one word that will get you a girl. It's a magical word that will have you hugging the hot chicks while that athletic dude over there with the fancy hair goes home alone. And the magic word! That's right dudes. She don't care how fat or ugly you are. As long as you're clean and confident, you can dredge the hotties away from the younger dudes if you know how to handle the dough. The younger they are the less immune they are to the stack. The older your girl the higher the chances she's established herself and while that doesn't mean she won't take your money you have to remember she's probably smarter than her younger compatriots and you-could-get-ripped! The secret to success is taking it slow dude. Let her know have the dough but make sure she knows she'll have to work for it. Despite what some girls say. There are precious few ladies that don't want a dude blowing his wad (of dough) on her.

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