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What? my ex bf broke up for me for another girl?
Ok, so i was dating this amazing boy for about 3 months. until the beginning of august(we were going out the whole summer, aka summer break from school). then like the 2nd or 3rd week into the new school year he told me that we should see other people. So.. we broke up. i didn't cry at first but like for the next couple of WEEKS i was crying non-stop every night. but i never told him. then one day he tells me that he got back together with on of his ex-girlfriends. then like last month which was december he told me that he never got back together with her and it was just something to try to get me jealous.... it did work but i didn't tell him that.. i wasn't sure why he did that and i'm still not sure today... but i got back at him which wasn't such a smart idea. soo... i started going out with one of his friends... i started kissing this guy in front of my ex-boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend told me how he felt when he saw me kissing my current boyfriend in front of him, and he said he felt like crap because he thought that i would kiss him first. Ugh. i want to go back out with him. i love him dearly and he knows that and he loves me too. so i dont see what's the problem. he told me he felt like he was starting to love me like he'd love a girlfriend again ........ i just wish he'd ask me back out. and he wants to dump my boyfriend for me. and idk y. i just feel horrible everybody i know says i changed... i still cry every night over him.. i love him soooo much.....

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