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I wont use names here... So I will just use letters. I was with E for about 2 years, then I broke up with him to go out with M, I was only with M for a couple of months, beacause I broke that off because it felt funny (probably) because I was not over E. But ever since that we have always spoke to each other. When I broke up with M after a couple of months I went on a trip with my cousins and a few friends, and got with a guy (I was on a huge guy know that stage of your life) on the trip, the guy I got with.. know M and told him what Happened M, got so hurt.. they called me up on a two way call and M listened in while I spoke to the guy I got with, and then butted in.. and said 'so it's all true is it' Then he didnt speak to me for months, then we started talking again when I msg'd him one day. But we would always cause an argument over something then not speak for months. I used to want to talk to him all the day, and msg him all the time, but sometimes he would get annoyed with me doing that, so I kind of held my self back, so he didnt get annoyed. Then I met A, the man of my dreams 2 years ago now, and he met a girl about 1 1/2 years ago, I still think about M though and about 6 months back, when we hadnt spoken for like a year, he msg'd me saying 'hey, do you wanna meet up' and 'dont marry him before you see me' etc etc.. just outa the blue... probably caz he thought it was strange that I didnt speak to him for so long, he said it was his friends phone that he was msging off, because in the time we hadnt spoke he had changed his mobile number, thats probably what restrained me from msging him,bcaz I couldnt, anyway he said it was his friends mobile, then when i wanted to speak to him i msg'd that phone...but he got the s**ts saying this is my friends phone dont msg it all the time... later on a couple of weeks later i got my cousin to call the mobile and see if it was him who answered, she said it was. so I msgd the phone again saying 'Are you with M?' he said 'no' I said 'Nice Try' and he rang me and said 'you think your so smart dont you' in a joking way.. and I said 'haha, I knew it' the only reason he didnt want me to have the number is because his girlfriend was a nut case over me, and he didnt want he knowing that we still talk, but latley we have been seeing each other, I dont know how he feels, but I always miss him so much and want him when Im not with him, but my man at the moment means the world to me to. But M, wants me to, I know it...we are more like really close friends.. I am so confused and really want to tell him how I feel, but I cant because we are both with someone, and I dont know how he will react he will, probably just disown me again.and there is not much we can do anyway, beacause we are both taken.. but its always when you move on that people look back and think twice.

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