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No contact doesn't work for me
Me and my bebe were together for 2 years and 7 months when we had a huge fight. It was all my fault,I was always nasty to him.So we were on and off for 6 months and I decided to not call him anymore so he would go after me. He didn,t and found someone else, because he thought I had moved on. I know he still likes me because he is only rude to me on the phone when the girl is around. He told me to move on and that isn,t fair to get back together(because isn,t fair to the girl).He doesn,t want to be a dick to the girl but he,s hurting himself (and me) thinking that maybe he can work it out with the girl. I use positive thinking to get him back.I read on one guy talking about his almost ex-wife and how he got back with her. I believe we,ll get back together and celebrate new year,s eve 2009 together. I,ll come back to that website to tell you guys my story soon.

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