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suprise me
i came from school and walked to my bfs house when i got inside it smelt realy nice like blue jeans i could tell he was up to something so he gave me a realy nice hug and led me into the lving room before he opend the door hhe pit a blindfold on and told me not to peek,he led me from behind and sat me on the floor im only fifteen and we do not inteand to have underage sex,he sid if i get all the flavours right there will be a pleasurable suprise then he started to feed me things ike cheries and strawberrys with chocolate ice cream and sherbert and the last flavour was him he leant in and kissed from my neck to my ear and said see if u can handle this one he slowly started to kiss me and then we started using tounges he started to lean back and i couldnt tell where he was so playfully i said no fair come back i felt his hands on my hips he was pulling me towards him as i leant down i put my hand on his chest to find he had no shirt on he must of seen my reaction because he wisperd it wont go any further his perfect toned body i coild feel his heavy breathing he rolled over and carried on kissing me untill again his freind kmocked on the front window

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