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everything to help out. can work both ways.
Okay, so I got some ideas for you. Boys' When kissing a girl, defs let them know that you want them in anyway they you can. Not touching wise, look wise. Look at them, glance at there lips every so often. We notice. Trust me. Bite your lip, shows that your really wanting her, that bad. Touch wise. Lightly touch up their legs, play with the top of there pants, give it a little tug, then leave it alone. Lightly go up there side to their neck. Then just cup your hand around their neck. And just continue to kiss them,move your hand gently down like with one finger go right through the middle of her chest. These kind of things drive a girl nuts. And personally for me I love it when a guy gently kisses up my body from the stomach to my neck, and then bites my neck. Drives me crazy. And when you bite my earlobe or a light kiss. Very seductive. Collarbone is very sensitive on a girl as well. I love it when a guy slightly touches my back like up my shirt. And when you kiss don,t be all slobbery and gross. Blehh. And bite there bottom lip, to die for. Play a kissing game, make it so she is trying her hardest to kiss you. But still don,t let her. After a while it will be the most amazing kiss you have had in a while. Just to finally have your lips touch feels amazing.

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